Microcosmographia by William Van Hecke

All the iOS icons. All of them.

Hokay, so I thought that if I am going to advise people about making iOS icon resources in this book, I had better provide an example with all of the various sizes that are needed. So in the process, I created this template. It includes all the sizes listed at Neven Mrgan’s definitive blog post on the topic, from 29 all the way up to 1024 pixels.

It’s intended for use with Slicy, the sanity-saving tool for exporting graphics resources from Photoshop documents. If you run it through Slicy, you’ll get two versions of each size: one that matches Apple’s specifications for iOS icons (pointy corners &c.) and one that has a nice stroke and shadow applied for use in places like your web site and documentation.

You can use this for anything you want. I hope it’s useful to you. If you find any bugs, please do let me know! My brain is a bit ruined at the moment so it won’t be surprising if there are some horrifyingly embarrassing errors in it.

Download All the Icons v1.0.1

All the icons