Microcosmographia by William Van Hecke


Microcosmographia xxxviii: Habit

Microcosmographia is a newsletter thing about honestly trying to understand design and humanity.

Routine and habit are, I believe, the only reliable tools for improving yourself and your situation. I think they tried to convince me of this in grade school, but it didn’t work. Someone recognized the power of this idea and thought, we need to make sure kids get this! If we equip them with the power of good habits, we’ll empower an entire generation to reach their true potential! (I spent a long time at war with the word potential, urgh.) So they put on some video or something, saying that if we develop good habits then we can… eat healthy and get good grades, or some other message that I immediately forgot because it was irrelevant to my juvenile psyche. It really meant nothing to me. What they should have said to get that crucial lesson across was something like, “every single person you think is cool got that way by regularly doing things that made them a better person, whether they felt like it in the moment or not. INCLUDING GEDDY LEE.”