Microcosmographia by William Van Hecke

Random Album Meme 2

I did another one of these random album cover designs, because the meme is going around again.

Orchestras in Romania.jpg

Create your own band and debut album cover randomly

To Do This:

1 - http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Special:Random – The first random Wikipedia article that comes up is the name of your band.

2 – http://www.quotationspage.com/random.php3 - The last four or five words of the very LAST quote on the page is the title of your first album.

3 – http://www.flickr.com/explore/interesting/7days - The third picture in the top row, no matter what it is, is your album cover.

4 – Use Photoshop or similar to put it all together.

5 – Post it to your preferred online outlet with this text in the “caption” or “comment” and TAG the friends you want to join in.