Microcosmographia by William Van Hecke

Sekai Caravaggio Aruki

Microcosmographia xlvi: Sekai Caravaggio Aruki

Microcosmographia is a newsletter thing about honestly trying to understand design and humanity.

Celebrating Inbox Zero by lying on the couch listening to Curtain Call by haruka nakamura, I imagined a video documentary series about historical figures. Do it completely straight-faced, with no explanation of why Caravaggio is unperturbed by a camera crew watching him work on The Denial of St. Peter and interviewing him in between painting sessions. (Especially because now that I think of it, the fellow was in a pretty dire situation at the time.) Get an actor to completely become the subject — an impeccable, historically defensible portrayal. Do everything at half the pace people expect from TV, kind of like Sekai Neko Aruki, “Walking the World with Cats”. Editing that makes you calmer and calmer with each cut. Actually, make it as much like that show as possible — except we’re following historical artists, scholars, and divines around instead of cats. I’d like to watch that.