Microcosmographia by William Van Hecke

Sometimes your heroes turn out to be geeks too

As the title of this blog (roughly “Dilettante World”) attests, I am very interested in lots and lots of different areas, and not much of an expert about any of them. Sometimes, my neurotic brain starts thinking that these interests are in conflict. For instance, I have the dumb worry that the “serious”, artistic Japanese musicians I admire would roll their eyes at the nerdy, fluffy indulgences I also entertain from otaku culture. But here is all I need to quit caring about such nonsense.

Mito-san Select

Mito, my hero, the musical brains of my dearest band clammbon, has a special display up at Tower Records Shinjuku to show off his favorite anime music. You can’t expect a much bigger display of nerdery endorsement than that.

That’s even my Tower Records, from when I lived in that area and whenever I go back to Tokyo. If I were standing in the store right now, I’d probably be tempted to drop the ¥35000 to get them all at once. Because another of my neuroses is worrying that I’m missing out on some captivatingly great geeky franchise. And here are ten recommendations, almost guaranteed to feature great music, at the least.

My more anime-aware friends have helped me figure them all out:

  1. Patlabor the Movie OST Album INQUEST

  2. Macross Frontier Vocal Collection Nyantama

  3. Zegapain OST 2

  4. Lucky Star Character Song Album Vol. 11: Kanata and Soujirou

  5. Aso Natsuko - Programming for Non-Fiction

  6. Hakuyoku no Seiyaku ~Pure Engagement~/Onnaji Kimochi

  7. Kobato OST 2

  8. Hidama~buru

  9. Toyosaki Aki - Boku wo Sagashite

Related selections:

  1. Aso Natsuko - Movement of Magic

  2. marble - Senritsu no Yukue, Sora no Kanata

  3. Sphere - Now loading…SKY!!

  4. Fate/stay night UNLIMITED BLADE WORKS OST